Brivo Cloud Access Control

Avenger Security provides custom integration of cloud access control with cloud video surveillance, burglar alarm and fire system. Our team specializes in integration and will make the following recommendation for integration. The cloud access control system should be integrated with video camera on door to record the video clip of access control user entry in the activity log. Brivo OnAir integrates backwards and forwards with Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance to provide digital button inside video interface to release lock on facility. This will allow facilities to view live video feed on door and release lock from a remote location. Further, Avenger Security will recommend valid credentials presented on reader of access control systems, disarm the building security alarm system. Avenger Security can provide UL Listed emergency dispatch to facility in event of door prop and/or forced entry.

Brvio will allow to add and delete users and/or credentials from a cloud based API, Application Programming Interface, URL and/or phone application. Brivo cloud access control will allow your team to managed users more efficiently. Further, you will not have to worry about local software to manage and/or update access control system credentials or users. Brivo integrates into the video surveillance system to show & record video clips in history of the access control activity log. Brivo is way easier for your team to manage and use than any other access control platform. Brivo is used by Master Integrators when dual credentials are required. New cloud access control door configurations require onsite facility quote.